Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dream - Big Doings

Gathering for Femprov and others in a large hall. Bill Gates is complimentary as other dignitaries add their 'support' during set-up. This seems to be honoring Femprov. In some sort of retrospective. Sandee A. is calm and collected as she deals with her older husband. The hall is large and there is a suggestion that Femprov's gals should help with tweaking tablecloths, by scraping candle wax drippings from last use and other girl task duties. Most including myself comply and finesse and finish the tasks. We are also at Matthew P's house, going up and down stairs where Sandee is and outside overlooking the city above on stone stairs. The Beatles are in the vicinity and are playful as we traverse and gambol outside.

Friday, April 04, 2014

Dream • Lost keys

I am trying to make an 8 o'clock curtain at Berkeley Rep for an already paid for ticket. It is almost that time and I think I can make it if I borrow the Wakelins car. They are not close to my destination, but I enter their (different) house, am greeted by the cats and proceed to look in drawers for their car keys. I am not in a hurry, and keep rationalizing being later and later. A rather large Bluejay is also present in the house and is a curiosity. The house is white and very modern and the Wakelins are away.