Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dream • Campus by Rickshaw

Spotty memories upon waking… a visit to a campus plaza, laid out like an amusement park map. Every building, event and gathering of people is viewable from everywhere on this arena of land. David Baal is there trying to solve some need (registration, getting into a class, tuition?) and I was observing the occurrences rather than taking part or driving the action. We travel (by rickshaw or horse drawn buggy) from one location to another, learning of the situation or small drama that was transpiring in the vicinity. Being pulled into other people's dramas… perhaps a graduation of friends is also happening.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dream • Boyfriend

A large warehouse where military vendor items are displayed throughout. Dad has realized that the items are not legitimate or as advertised by the supplier. As he tears down and dismisses those that haven't met the mark, there are angry, disappointed words with the faulty supplier. The time has come for him to drop me off to be picked up by my boyfriend, Alan Cumming at 22nd and Bartlett. I say goodbyes and switch cars. There is a bit of a ballet between the two cars as they leave and circle each other in the intersection, barely missing each other's bumpers. Shortly after going down Bartlett (the wrong way), Alan pulls over to confess that he can't be identified as my boyfriend. I am comfortable with this admission and not offended, but rather cozy up on the front seat and drift off to nap while he explains.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Dream • Birthday Panic

Awake in Fremont in a panic realizing it's Verla's birthday and nothing has been planned. Mark is also sleeping in the same bed, and we both realize the magnitude of our forgetting. He begs me to plan something, even though I will be at work all day, saying that he just isn't as good at that sort of thing. We go downstairs from the unfamiliar bedroom to 5th &  Maple house. Verla is busy doing unrelated things between the Dining Room and kitchen and somehow I have a last-minute card to give her and she is gracious. She also seems to be fielding birthday wishes from others via phone in the red kitchen. I quickly improvise a plan to go to a beach or waterPark for the day and make it seem like it always in the works. She seems to know it wasn't but is faux-thrilled at the celebration in her honor. There are others around (step family?) and I ready myself by finding a child's pink rubber swimsuit left by one of her grandchildren. To my surprise and amusement it fits and I squeeze into it to model it for Verla, who has now turned into Bonnie Bedelia (from Parenthood) She is also surprised and asks me how it feels. there are two oddly placed nipple stubs inside the suit that small inflatable balls could be latched to for play reasons that befuddled me because of their placement, but otherwise it was wearable. At this point Verla/Bonnie says she is not OK with me borrowing the suit to wear as it belongs to a favored grandchild. I don't hesitate going upstairs to take it off, as it is not my call. Familiar sadness but resilience to her demands.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dream • Burden of Proof

I'm returning to a compound that is square in shape, the hallways on the outside of the rooms at the center are numbered like a hotel, but this feels more like a casual lockup /halfway house. Robin Williams and Greg Proops, (maybe Evan Davis) are trying to prove the innocence of Robin in a dream-forgotten incident. There is much discussion among us and out sleuthing concludes that if Robin had the evidence it would have been on him when he was scanned at the airport security checkpoint. I was asked to go get that paper proof at the airport, but I was also trying to interest them in rare video footage I had of Jonathan Winters. I realized it would not contribute to the truth/proof they were seeking, but thought they would enjoy seeing it for its historic import.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dream • Little Shop of Anne's and Party at Kathy's

Slept late recovering this 2 parter.
Anne Hughes has opened a retail shop with a dream forgotten friend on Powell near Sutter. It is packed with curios and handmade delights. I spend the better part of a day shopping and cataloging perspective purchases in the shop with tables and shelves offering all sorts of clever items; ceramic doodads, glass objects, metal things… . Anne gifts me with a yellow ribbon that ties a floral duster, which I try on and wear as I shop. Since I am there so long, the 2 proprietresses rearrange the store, and I am back to square one in my plans of what to buy. It's opening day and they are re-thinking the best way to display their wares. I go to the bathroom and somehow the yellow ribbon gets wet in the toilet and proceeds to pull the duster down into the water as I flush. Panicked at the prospect of causing toilet issues,  I fish it out in time, but ewwwww. A group of Latin girls, some from French American that know me, are being trained to work in the shop and I converse with them. They want an alternative name for me, that is more Latina… so I suggest Nanino. I do make some purchases and leave with a bag of chosen items.

Now I am at Kathy's house for another family party. Jeepers is there and has somehow escaped across the street. I am wrangling him back in thru the gate, quickly as I see the Lettieri family on bikes is approaching, and I want to avoid an encounter. Once inside the gate, I note that the pool has been refurbished with beautiful small tiles in blues and greens. The water is bubbling to overflowing and lit from below. The transformation is impressive. Inside the house has also been remodeled and there are several bathrooms with an enlarged expanse of the rooms. There are new unfamiliar family members/guests and as I make my way to one of the back rooms, I am being followed by a man, he has a small girl child with him and needs directions to a bathroom. There is a similar looking man (twin? brother?) in a family gathering in a back room. The little girl peels off to be with her parentals as we bypass them to get to an unoccupied bathroom. When I turn around, the first brother, very darkly handsome and looking similar/possessing the same vibe as Bruce Linde, is sitting on the floor next to the toilet and looks up at me forlornly and sez. "You're looking at a broken man" My curiosity and cautious heart are pinged as I wake up.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dream • Neighbors, Dad, Donuts

Re-House sitting in an enlarged floor space house seems sweet, until the previously closed doors reveal odd somewhat loud, violent neighbors. Closing the doors and locking them out keeps them at bay, but their disturbing memory lingers and seems somewhat threatening. They had always been there, but segregated by the doors. To escape, I attend a concert at nearby Skyline college campus. I have won tickets and despite the genre invite my father who patiently sits and joins me in attendance. Even though I know it's not his cup of tea, we are together and he drifts off despite the cacophony. He is asleep for most of it, but I am content to cuddle next to him and nap myself. The crowd is huge and enjoys the performance. There is a break in the show, and I wander out into the hallway lobby and sit next to 2 children. Someone familial approaches and shows them a movie (on a mobile device?) and they are thrilled because it is about the Mission, where they live. I tell them I live in the same neighborhood. One of them turns into Sandee Althouse and I am struck by her youthful resemblance to herself. She doesn't seem to recognize or acknowledge my presence on the couch. Meanwhile, the concert has devolved into a smaller room, where attendees are making their own music in an open mike type stage environment. I am intrigued for a bit but decide to go home. Approaching from Osage Alley, I'm pleased to find a space to chain my small vehicle/unicycle to a meter on 24th near a panel truck, where David Goldberg and a dream-forgotten familiar are unloading cargo after a hard day of manual labor. We speak and share donuts convivially. I take my donuts upstairs to finish and am joined by Will Durst and Terry Gillespie who also have donuts that are proffered. Despite having just finished mine, I join them in the big room and pinch off a partial maple cake segment of the gracious offering.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Dream • I got agate

The first part of this dream disappeared on waking, but informed the origin of a gift of a polished agate rock, wrapped and given to me. The location seemed to be near the Embarcadero and while the gift rock was graciously accepted and was of some importance from the giver, I was more than willing to re-gift it to Teresa Roberts who lived in close proximity to the original givers, and was likely to be gifting me with something I was not ready to match. There was some hesitation on my part, because the chances of being caught in re-gifting was likely, due to the proximity of their abodes. Teresa's gift was cool, but dream-forgotten, and we settled down to watch some television in her expansive waterfront apartment. It was light and airy with magnificent views of the Bay. All we could seem to find for viewing was an episode of Castle, despite her full cable access. We chatted as the show began, and I noticed a completely barren corner of her apartment. Asking about it, she confessed that it was part of her therapy (mandated by the therapist) to do without or wean herself off of television or perhaps some electronic gadget. She was not distressed by its absence. The walls were white as was her apartment.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dream • Apocalypse, Plumbers, Old Roommates

Ellie Byrom was back, visiting with entourage of Will Ferrell-type and Pablo-sensitive guy. Kelly was also hanging out with plans to go see a movie around 11:00. Ellie and Pablo guy expressed surprise that something large (lumber) got stolen out her (moving) truck and asked to stay a couple of days. She proceeded to move in, changing the toilet to a lower brown version*, put together a four poster bed and introduced a small cute dog into the house. On the verge of going to the movie, because of uncharacteristic brightness, we looked out the window to see complete (atomic) devastation of the flattened landscape, mushroom clouds continually rising from a distant bay across the way and people walking around unfazed but obviously dazed. Burning man antics, with people dressed in costumes (big chicken, folks on stilts) were prevalent in our view, making for curious watching while trying to sort out what it all meant. At this time, a repair crew entered and surveyed to replace some plumbing couplings in the back with golden bronze discs, one of which I pocketed because of the intriguing etchings on the surface and the large stack they brought with them. Rob Hand showed up and indicated this was a long time coming and on the docket, having nothing to do with the recent blast. A female inspector was very chummy with him and they left together with the crew. One burly blonde crew member gave me a gracious loving hug after explaining about the routine maintenance the just completed. (* the crew may have replaced the toilet) The mood was convivial despite the devastation outside as far as the eye could see. Little mention was made of the situation. Kelly decided to repair her PCalc in the bathroom. Ellie had settled into her room with a comfy barcalounger chair and holding court with her guy friends around the 4-poster bed. Our plans for the movie were changed.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Dream • Parachutes

From the vantage point of my attic bedroom I was aware of small parachutes floating down from the sky. They seemed to be the result of a fireworks celebration, were very bright and colorful, much to the delight of Sean Hayes and Michael Urie. Both were very excited, friendly, chattering, and happy to be witnessing the excitement from the sky. They seemed to be just outside the deck door, having come up a back stairway. The parachutes may have had some treats or toys attached which meant that collecting or catching them was part of the festivities. The downfall display continued for quite some time and seemed to be never ending.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Dream • Bugs, Breakfast and Bellman

Out and about with friends most of the night, including Marga Gomez, we found ourselves at the darkened home of Filipinos or Koreans somewhere in Noe Valley. We may have been picking up another pal or changing clothes or mistakenly inside. The rugs were white and plush and there seemed to be a plethora of exotic centipedes, insects and various multitude of bugs crawling and squirming around, either as pets or part of the culture. They were large but seemed unthreatening, as if we were welcome visitors in their habitat. I got waylaid there, as the others took off to go to a local ethnic Korean all-the-rage restaurant for breakfast. The name was Sun(or Wan) Ri Mah. I needed directions on my own and proceeded to trudge across barren lots/playgrounds, with views of the Mission below and finally stumbled upon the restaurant. Marga and pals were there with Robin Williams, laughing and thoroughly enjoying themselves, having finished their breakfast, they greeted my late arrival with "Just in time to call us a cab!"