Sunday, July 27, 2014

Dream - Backstage before the Flood

I am somehow privy to 3 theatre productions running concurrently in a large warehouse space. At first as an audience member, then morphing into a backstage assistant to one of the actresses. Vince and Richard are also knowledgeable about those working on the productions. There is much busyness in the space as, workman dismantle and rebuild  the stages daily between each play. Time ticks away but there is no urgency just relentless hard work on a grand scale. The gay 'bouncer' at the door allows me in after quipping (not remembered upon waking) something I repeat to others as I make way in with a bag with auxiliary items for one of the actresses. She is blonde and has been asked to fill in for the third play. The other plays have something to do with variations on/with or without a certain costume of each actress. Each play had a distinct different actress. Detail is spent on my part packing bag with a variety of specific found items needed for blonde's part in the play.
This actress is visiting with small dogs and later meets a family with children and is cordial to their normality. They live in a single level house. We all witness a rainstorm and folks caught in this deluge outside. The increasing severity is reflected in BART plaza flooding with increasing number of blue tarps to cover the water as seen from window above. (having morphed from the family's first floor) Some concern and commentary about the flooding.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dream - Medical Forms, Cats

Filling in patient's medical history and prescription forms at house/friend I am visiting. There is also a maid that is struggling with the same thing. She is familiar with this regular duty for her employer, while I am just biding my time while I'm waiting for her to finish or return from her busy life, and to help out so she is freed up to leave. The power gal of this huge house is around but too busy. She corrects or answers myriad questions about the forms on occasion, but disappears to other social or business engagements. The info needs to be transferred into matching fields from other hard to decipher forms. There is one black form, with white writing that is especially complex, hard to read and decipher.
I am next, tasked with taking care of Durst's cats while they're gone on a tropical vacation. They are attending one last baseball game before they leave. The game is about to be rained out, or perhaps not when the sun returns after a deluge. I am already on their enormous house boat. There are 2 decks that wrap around both sides of this enormous floating living space that has a view of the ballpark. What I think are 2 cats, an older tabby and a youngish kitten turns out to be 6 more exotics that appear after the mishap. A squirrel gets on board and the 2 known cats give chase. The kitten is outside the house and crawling into a broken headlights space on the outside of the boat.  My fear is her escape, but she returns indoors from the romping and high speed chasing with a broken foot, that is now swelling. This kitten is hobbling and favoring the front right broken paw. The older Tabby is also concerned and shadowing the limping kitten and licking the broken paw. I must reach the Durst's for advice and possible vet visit. There is some hope they may be able to do this before they leave. I am concerned, Will seems to be taking the lead because Debi is seldom in sight or present. There is concern that the squirrel may still be on the boat, and may be a nuisance to the other now-congregating cats or dead upon the Durst's return if it is trapped on the boat.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Dream - Sex and Elvis

Andy I's house, I'm resting horizontally on my side, possibly laying down for a nap and he mounts me from behind for sex. His release results in a huge load that surprises me and I surmise this as his peccadillo of shame. He must greet other visitors while I am secreted away to deal with huger-than-imagined load dripping down my leg. Can feel the warm wetness and proceed to clean myself up. He asks/requires me to be hidden upstairs afterward. Part of a long detailed rationale explaining rules of my continuing to stay for his repeated and regular pleasure. He is a bit naive and thrilled that this will happen again.
Escape to attend a huge Elvis Presley concert where I am privy to his redundant clueless wandering behavior in stands and backstage mechanics of his life in arena during concert, I view this from wide stairs below, near seats of friends who are either oblivious, uninterested or bored with this view so nearby. I leave concert early with one of them on inside tip that he always leaves at same time while band finishes concert, Sure enough, I watch Elvis carried out, wrapped up in a hod. Despite a full stadium, we go to an empty parking lot, looking for my odd white car. We are on the way to drop off my male morphing identity passenger in Santa Cruz, she/he wants to take a side trip looking for a storage unit. Pull over at Chinese donut shop to check phone map, enter and crawl  under hinged counter. Now also have a small boy dressed in overalls and s'easter, and Judi Clark is now present, impatient and calling the shots.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Dreams - Shorts

July 27 - A lineup of all the stages of Dad's life, as presented by different costumes and small vignettes, all acted by me(?). MC'd by me as Ed Sullivan.

July 17 - Cannot remember a pleasant complex dream, but have the phrase, "The bees always return to their hive home" as the last thing said before waking from the dream.

July 11 - There are many elements to this dream, most of which have to do with Chinese culture. Decorations, a parade and shiny embroidered sheath dresses. Most details disappear upon waking.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Dream - Birds and Boys

Margaret and Alex Lindsey are visiting my house and I am ensconced in my attic bedroom. Both are pleasantly conversing about this part of the house they haven't been privy to. Margaret is antic and moves the stuffed chair out onto the roof, relieving it of the white covers in the process, to sit and be outdoors. She curiously opens the Dutch roof door into the eaves, which now are sunny and habitable and include a south window and an upright piano. It has become a small playhouse-sized room. Although dusty it is cleaned out, pleased, I note this without venturing inside. It has upped my living situation in Margaret's eyes and she also seems pleased and her continuing conversation is positive about the experience. She leaves for another appointment and Alex stays. We talk and as I note an odd, large flocking of birds (gulls, maybe pigeons) outside the window, above the alley, Alex gets up to look and becomes dizzy and faints back onto the bed, white as a sheet. He sez he is about to be sick, so I rush downstairs to get a bucket. My first thought is to make a cold compress for him in a very Florence Nightingale way. He pinks up after not being able to hurl into the plastic container supplied. He recovers and goes along his way.

The second dream starts with leaving a theatre production on Geary and catching up to Debi Durst and Diane Amos who were also there. While Diane is friendly, Debi is taken away by other preferred associates. Michael O'Brien is also there and asks if I can help him with some computer glitch. We leave Diane, as he sez he would like to take care of it ASAP. We walk toward Sutter where his new digs are. There are open walkways between buildings and we ascend to an apartment he shares with Ric Schneider/Ed Helms and maybe Chris Frieber is visiting. The glitch seems to be task work that he wants done and doesn't have time, or fixing some game system he wants to play. We take a break into his living room where the other guys are hanging out. It has a grand panoramic picture window that overlooks the City that looks as dense as NYC from these heights. The buildings are skewed and we are higher than imagined from this viewpoint. I marvel at the beauty. Margaret is now also there. There is another flocking of birds, assembled in a funnel that they are systematically peeling off and feeding back into, in the distance. There is a cry from the bedroom for help and we all rush to see a hapless Ric on his back on the bed with an erection caught in his zipper. Even though his colorful briefs (underoos) are shielding his pinnacle, he is whining in pain at his dilemma. We all laugh. I am doubled over on my knees with the giggles at the cliche dilemma he is in and barely able to comment on the ridiculousness. He is begging for help to free him. We all set about trying to come up with solutions, in lieu of actually touching it.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Dream - Mom's Tschotkes

Verla has an apartment that I am visiting. She has returned with a new younger male friend, that has helped her to clean and open up a large closet into a small room behind louvered sliding doors. I admire all the new room she has and am amazed at this newly discovered space. She is busy, busy, busy getting ready to go out again.
Later she is on Market street at her regular table selling tschotkes of her making. This is an entrepreneurial venture and she has done quite well with it. Today she is having a fight with someone and denies them a purchase and angrily pushes them away. I step in and realize she has slipped a cog and must be attended to for her mental failing.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dream - Kidsitting and Dinner Parties

There are many forgotten pieces to this long dream that include a vacation presentation with grass skirts and other costumed destinations. I am at my home, with television and Kelly's boys. It is a mishmash of myriad happenings upon waking, despite my efforts to reconstruct.
The last part remembered vividly is, I am tasked with sitting Cory and Alex. They are manageable, content to play video games, and be fun kids at my house. However I have double-booked myself and must meet with new dog sitting clients in the Dogpatch area of Soma. It is dusk and we walk there and down a cosmetically clean alley. I can feel the sensation of peeing my pants, so that is another concern to be addressed. We arrive at their unassuming door, as I soldier the boys into good behavior mode and ring the doorbell. I am greeted by an unfamiliar older and sour face. I don't realize  it is more than just a meet up, it is huge sit-down dinner with their friends. I have not alerted them of the kids attendance and there is some huffing and puffing among other guests or roommates I don't recognize. I wend my way through the crowd to find my host who is busy in the kitchen and unfazed by the extra plates needing to be set at one of the many tables. Others are giving me stares and ultimately I know no one at this party. They are older and seem to have had bad plastic surgery or are just bored and discontent with their elevated lot in life. Cory and Alex are behaving, but the impending juggling act is foreboding. Oddly I see an old friend Tina Fey, and she  points out another dinner guest (evil Tina Fey) in attendance that I will give her support in dealing with. This could have been a cuckolding nemesis or just a notorious bitch. I need to change my wet panty liner and I notice dog poop on the carpet and alert the boys to avoid it. They want to help clean it up and are down on their knees. It changes from a bland grey to a mustard brown yellow as they try to maneuver it into a bag. It seems it will not end well.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Dream - Teachers and Dogs

I am showing the ropes to a new teacher at FAIS. He may be taking over my position which I am thrilled to leave. Part of my duties in the transition is settling him into teacher housing. It is a ramshackle studio at the end of a long hallway or pier that has odd stacked box access. Doors are modular and there all seems to be a piecemeal arrangement of window parts making up walls. It seems cozy and has a view of the water, although the street orientation is at Geary and Mason. He looks like Joseph Feinnes and has 2 little dogs. He has to leave for school duties and I am visited by parents that I am to show around the City (David Baal's parents) before we leave I am concerned about the dogs that may need to go outside or are unsecured in the new teacher's box and window studio. I leave the parents on the street to check on the dogs and spend quite a bit of time tending to their cute needs. One is a Papillion, and the other is equally small. There seems to be no way to insure they will not escape the studio and I work a puzzling set of options that will surely undo or crawl through. They do get loose and run down the long hallway, I give pursuit and meet up with the parents who have been waiting an inordinate amount of time on the sidewalk down below and have come upstairs to see what's up. They are not upset despite a need to get somewhere at a certain time. They also converse with another teacher in the studio warren and are invited into bide their time and be friendly. They find some of my erotic drawings in the other teacher's studio and are amused, quizzing me on my transplanted head technique. The dogs suddenly return with the new teacher, frantically happy that their master has returned from school.

Monday, July 07, 2014

Dream - Exploring

Phillip Seymour Hoffman is present in this dream in a back office room at the end of a hallway. I am leaving the building after having had a conversation and taken some advice from him. The dream morphs into Kelly and I walking and exploring an outdoor muddy corridor to reach another tourist destination on our vacation trip. The pace is casual and we encounter some old abandoned cars and a plywood blocked part of the walled corridor. Undeterred, as we make our way around the obstacles, an older black man pulls the plywood door back so we can pass. The convo is friendly and he wishes us well on our way to this previously forbidden area we are traversing. Later or in another dream, Verla is offering her car so we can go on another adventure.

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Dream - Leopard

In a large hotel where friends are sharing a suite of rooms. It is an old hotel and a sliding door below the room? has access to a sub basement that oddly has a collection of exotic animals of unknown origin (old zoo, private collection?) an Absynnian leopard is roaming the halls and I have taken refuge in my room, only to accidentally find this passage. A roommate unknowing leaves the sliding door to this part of the basement open after I have closed it, allowing the leopard access. I have figured out what is going on and have started to alert the others, but the roommate has partitioned himself off in his part of the room, and will not know of the leopard in our room. He is safe until he ventures out. I run to some of the other rooms to alert the others and realize I have no way to get in touch with the trapped roommate (may be Topher Grace) while we work on solutions and fret, some of the others return and accidentally allow other wild exotic animals into the room — 2 albino leopard cubs,  and adult predatory cats. We are frozen and fear that Topher Grace has been mauled, because the first leopard is not in sight.

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Dream - Murder

I am at a multi-level home, much like Karen C.'s Tiburon home. I am traversing the stairs both up and down and closing doors, some sliding, as I pass through on my way to others. At some point I encounter the owner, either coming home or revealing her presence in the large house. She is an Anne Hathaway-looking woman who has murderous intent. I am surprised and frightened to see her calmly announce that she is about to kill me, shaking her head at my questioning the idea and despite my friendly approach. She is closing a door behind her to trap me as she details her plan to end my life, no reason is giving, she is focused on her plan as I am formulating an escape route through another room and trying to make sense of the 'why' of her change of heart.