Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Have Litter Scoop, Will Travel

Occasionally, I have the opportunity to hang out with other people's pets in their exquisite far-flung homes. This is my letter of introduction to new interested parties.

I'm sending this note to introduce yet another facet of myself to you.
My name is Jeannene Hansen and I have house/dog/cat sat for a variety of folks throughout Marin County for the last 20 years while they were on short and extended vacations. I am a 60ish, responsible and reliable adult that takes great joy in spending time with furry family members that prefer to stay in the comfort of their own homes. 

I have many dog pals that count me as one of their favorite playmates and love the attention and long walks we share. A local groomer, specializing in house calls for elderly dogs and cats, uses me as go-to sitter for her clients that travel. I have stayed with countless special needs animals and attended to their medical, as well as emotional requirements. Their returned affection is a perk of the job and if they could, I'm somewhat certain they would ask for me by name.

The Smiths* have entrusted me with 2 generations of cats in their large home while they spend month(s) away in San Miguel d'Allende. They're able to relax and rest, assured I will look after their house along with 'entertaining' their cats and keeping them out of trouble on the property.

I have owned 3 cats who have lived out their extended blithe existence with me as their best friend and companion. I'm familiar with both kitten's and cat's trademark idiosyncrasies and delight in playing relentless fetch or string-chasing as much as serene lap-sitting and napping. Cleaning the litter box and occasional hairball 'deposits' are obviously par for the course.

I am available and able to travel to your home and would welcome the opportunity to spend some time in your city. I can provide glowing references and if you're interested in my caring services, I am also available for a phone interview or video call..

Best to you, your future "High-Class Kitty Bitch"

*anonymized name