Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dream • Dragonfly Face

The tail-end of a longer locations based dream. I am giving directions to Sue Murphy on how to access an upper back room or green room. She listens attentively as I tell her that it is upstairs through a bathroom that leads to yet another bathroom door that leads to the desirable room. She seems grateful, yet suspicious of my knowledge and forthcomingness. The scene shifts and I am in this room either resting or waking from a nap. Denise Schultz is there in attendance and concerned that I am infected/infested with dragonflies. Small just born dragonflies that seem to be embedded in my face. She is taking care in removing them, one by one. We are somewhat concerned but not panicked at my condition. Puzzlement as to how I could have become infected as she methodically removes the small glistening-winged creatures.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Dream • Cat Chase in NYC

After waking earlier answering bday email from MarFab and listening/viewing maps in 9-11 museum app. Fell back to sleep and dreamt. Was visiting Margaret Fabrizio in NYC. She lived near that part of town and her digs were oddly configured as same. Jerry was with me and was disconcerted when another cat (tabby) entered the compound corridor. First mounting the cat and then supernaturally going on the attack from a ledge with a perpendicular gargoyle pose, defying gravity. The other cat took off thru a grate in the wall, with Jerry giving chase and me not far behind. We traversed a series of doors with attached snack shops and other corridors. Knowing that Jerry would eventually return, I strolled around and through and witnessed some street lights fold and coil up in response to an oncoming fire engine/siren. Saw Jerry peripherally chasing the other cat on the street. When the fire engine passes by it was squeezed in the narrow streets and only seemed to be towing a manned magazine stand. "We're just giving Otis a lift on our way" the firefighters chatted up pals in traffic. I went back to Margaret's place and/or found her further down the path in a plaza. I tried to tell her of Jerry's calisthenics and the fascinating folding robotic street lights. She cut me off or wandered away mid story.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Alex Skates the Gap

Killing some time before seeing X-Men with my friend Kelly and her boys, mom decides to do a bit of clothes replenishment for them. Unless you're actively trying on clothes, shopping can be a drag… or an opportunity to be creative. Luckily, a pair of shoe skates, a relatively vacant clothing store, and an iPhone make the time glide by. We got 3 minutes of continuous footage before the 'attentive' staff politely asked us to stop.
Could apologize for the camera's vertical orientation, but we were at the Gap, and my pal Alex does a great job of smoothly maneuvering that gap. Get it?
YouTube copywright & ad-free music: Catch a Way by Everet Almond