Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dream - Odd Fragments

Now mostly forgotten, but these are the notes I scratched upon waking. See if you can make sense at least 2 weeks later…
Mort Sahl dating papers, wife, demands of me contract
Own full version would. Buy it again billy Jaye
 Pointy face haircuts vs other shaggy do in a diner

I can vividly remember the side long serious glances from Mort as I looked over the pre-nuptial(?) agreement. He has been burned and wants to make provisions from his heart and dignity being damaged in another pending relationship. There are things to sign and initial with a lawyer present. He is very stern and suspicious if we are to move forward.

Do I bring another version of my own making to the table? Was Billy Jaye there to vouch for me? Or help me make purchases? Why are hairstyles being discussed or reviewed in a diner setting. I can imagine me humming through this procedure as a way of self-soothing…

Monday, March 17, 2014

Dream - Earbuds

Had a complicated dream with many parts, forgotten upon waking… later in the AM had a flashback to a section where I was concerned about losing the earbud bumper, felt it in my ear and spent time trying to figure whether it was the left with the Braille marker bump or not. Thought it an odd section to remember at the time, but damn if I didn't truly IRL lose the right one by the end of the day! Premonition much?

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Dream • The Grubers

John Gruber and his wife are watching a television show with me, after it is over he asks my opinion and while I fumble to find the good in what I liked about it, he starts to critique it thoroughly. I cannot argue with his points which are salient from his point of view. I am called to get up to attend to something outside in the back (wedding details or animals). As I return he and his wife are leaving quite hastily, without pleasantries, and seemingly because they do agree with me and have nothing left to say or be in my company.

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Dream • Conference

I am at a conference that is held in a large space scaled up from my flat layout. I am in a front office vestibule at the end of a long corridor and have found a template for a newsletter broadside called The Art. It is about 4 pages and has a header with an electronic motherboard in the center behind the letters. I am industrious and happy putting the pieces of it into place. I visit the conference on the same expanded floor and it is familiarly like Macworld, but of a more progressive future bent. The ceilings are much higher and airier. I am more interested in putting together the newsletter, as it sparks my initiative tendency. Joshua Brody is there and is complimentary but not in charge of the final go-ahead. In exploring the conference further, I realize there are stairs that lead to the street and encounter Chris Jones and we converse about other dream forgotten events about to transpire. 

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Dream • Stairs and Improv

There is a downtown destination for an improv troupe performance I am attending, perhaps with my Dad. It is near 2nd and Howard in a tall ceiling'd warehouse/(wherehouse) There is much young excitement and merriment in a pre-show hub bub. I am curious and it harkens back to my younger past in performing and location. The troupe is new and old at once in the type of pieces they have chosen to perform and are discussing amongst themselves.
Now I am with Teresa Roberts and we are at another more refined location. Barbara Scott is there and 'in charge' of the impending festivities. It seems to be a performance space for a more wizened troupe and I see a few other familiar faces. People come and go because the bathroom is on another floor. The long industrial stairs are grey and lead to a taller floor that has a parking garage attached. The spaces are somewhat infinite, unfinished yet friendly and welcoming once the layout of the maze is understood. I traverse the stairs more than once, sometimes with Teresa, sometimes guiding others.
Now I am at home at the Wakelins and am aware of their lanai that is used as a warming sun room. The north south geography of the house is apparent and the Wakelins may have just arrived home and we are reviewing their home, as well as getting an informational tour.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Dream • Suburban Family

I am house sitting for the Meadows (green building) and am finished(?) but must check in with them before they leave. I meet them at a restaurant where Kirsten  is chattering about their destination and excitement for the trip details. There are several friends in their booth listening and wishing her a Bon voyage. Her plans are determined as she has not been out of the house and away for sometime. She is also pregnant with a daughter that is a bit of a surprise but welcomed, even though almost 10 years after her last. Scott is paying the check and getting the car/minivan for their departure. I owe her 12 dollars in repayment of some dream forgotten thing. I lay a ten dollar bill down, and before I can fish out the other 2 dollars she has gathered up her boys and the family is in the van speedily backing down a long driveway that borders the restaurant to zoom across the street to their house in view from the restaurant. The boys are happily shouting and singing out the windows. The house is newly automated and the front lights up as they approach and slides apart to reveal the welcoming warm interior along with some Rube Goldberg enhancements like a clothesline that swishes to dry the clothes. As the Meadows van reaches the end of the driveway, the house quiets down and darkens. I follow to deliver a message of some importance. Inside, there is a blonde doofus guy in attendance in their kitchen. The phone message requires  a pencil and he grabs a carpenter's flat pencil found on the descent down the stairs. The family is already downstairs in their bedroom behind closed glass doors. They may be arguing, because even the doofus guy knocking on the door goes unheeded. He takes another tact and produces a 'looping' machine box, heavy and black. I am right behind to witness his attempt.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Dream • Ihnatko, Gay Haight T-shirts

Andy Ihnatko has moved in to my place and in my absence has shuffled some things around to make room. In the process he has broken my wooden TicTacToe board into 3 pieces. I am not concerned, but set about gluing it back together. There is much slathering of Elmer's and pressing the jagged pieces tight with slip mount tissue. I am having some difficulty and make several attempts. Andy is not overly apologetic and we both agree that is part and parcel for the moving in. He has many other things to attend to, business-wise and we only briefly make extended contact. 
Now I am on Haight street, rather abandoned and empty and make my way toward the park on the west side of the street. I encounter a large warehouse building  entrance that is unfamiliar. There are some makeshift signs saying. It is a gay run business or that they cater to gay clientele. I go in to explore and it is quite an enterprise, mainly a huge automated TShirt factory. The upper deck overlooking is office space with officious folk discussing business plans and next-moves of a philanthropic nature. I watch the machines and talk to a few people to clarify the proceedings. Stepping out and crossing over to the East side. I am joined by a young girl who is interested and quickly takes my hand as we walk. I immediately tell her although I look otherwise, I am straight. She does not seem to mind, or remains unconvinced. I am glad to have that in the open and feel comfortable laying down on Haight Street (in sleeping bags?) to watch passers-by. The street is now busy and one particular friend of hers stops to talk about her military experience and a new hand gun she has acquired. Quite excited to go home and assemble it and carry out some sharp-shooting or otherwise aggressive gun behavior seated in her military training.