Friday, April 24, 2015

Watching the Watch

You can lead a horologist to Watch, but you can't make it tick.

Sexy sexagesimal celebration will soon ensue…
It's about time for my #appleWatch

Take me to church! I'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your wise… … #appleWatch #aDay #hozier

Googled 'the answer to life, the universe and everything' for my ultimate #appleWatch question…WhichWatch? #tickTock

The clock is running out for my old trusty timepieces…
#appleWatch #funTimeFlies 

2 minutes past midnight…$500 & I are quickly parted.
2 weeks & #appleWatch lands on my wrist. Siri smirks in silence…

Rest of today spent prepping iPhone for the arrival of my new baby Watch tomorrow! #appleWatch #nerdCred #giddyBrag  

Watch health benefits already in play, jumping up from the couch every 5 minutes thinking I hear the big brown delivery truck. #appleWatch

Feature or Bug? Wearing Watch in #sleeveTalker mode—inner Left Wrist w/ Digital Crown on Left Side—confuses the motion sensors… #appleWatch
…and only a downward karate chop will wake/activate the watch face… at its nadir. Up is down & down is up. #appleWatch #notWearingItRight

Setting Watch face to greyscale=2 full days of battery life. No daily workout also minimizes its charging…& likely my lifespan. #appleWatch

Watch battery life tip: Power Reserve mode on non-charging night saves a mysterious 20% while off-wrist & I'm off in dreamland…#appleWatch

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Despicable Done Right

After attending a performance of Moliere's Tartuffe at Berkeley Rep and asked for feedback on the performance.

I had been warned that the show was dark, disconcerting and this side of disturbing, which piqued my interest in just such a theatre experience. Berkeley Rep never disappoints in your thought-provoking and cutting-edge productions. 
I have never heard 'congratulatory booing' from an appreciative audience applauding an actor's bravura performance… until Steven Epp's portrayal of Tartuffe. He has proved himself likable and entertaining in the past and he continues to be a one-of-a-kind performer… It is no small accomplishment to dance on the thin edge of the wedge between love and hate from a crowd so torn between the success of a portrayal and the deep visceral disgust for the character and his machinations. Bravo, you bastard!
Suzanne Warmanen's reasonable and feacetious indignation & Nathan Keepers's silent background ballet and mincing interplay were equally splendid standouts and incredibly enjoyable as a balance to the dispicable delight of Epp. I'm still awed by the animosity and anger he wrangled from me last night. Thank you Berkeley Rep for rattling my cage.