Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dream • Jobs and Jenna

I am at Steve Jobs' rather long house, it has many rooms and I am privy to the railroad car like arrangement of a back study and a lanai. He is randomly busy and stern. His 3 kids are around and while he is cognizant of them, it his wife, Jenna Elfman who is the real energy and force in the household. She is holding court and commandeering an outing. There are many dream forgotten details in this fascinating observer mode dream.
Now it switches to my home turf and I am frantically coordinating catching a Google bus at 24th and Valencia. I can see it coming and am trying to gauge the time I have to make it to the second stop on 24th if I  miss the Muddy Waters cafe stop. I end up chasing it down 24th Street in a futile attempt to get on. Again, many dream-forgotten details in this little escapade.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Dream • Kristen & Leo Fans

Kristen Bell is solving a puzzle/industrial crime in a high rise. part Veronica Mars! part House of Lies character. There are many dense dream-forgotten details to the tale. She is cool and savvy and we seem to be on the same wavelength. 
We are then in the presence of Leo Laporte, I ask for a ride back to the city from Petaluma. While it is bold, I am sure that he will say yes.
There are odd fans that expand and bloom as they are taken off the wall hanger hooks where they are stored. They are green and blue and quite beautiful and rounded in their design. I am fascinated and play with them for a time. There is conversation on a peer level with Leo and the many tech folk around. It is a stimulating and exciting environment, where a brainstorming meeting is going on..

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dream • Toy Story Date and Lots of Boys

I am on a first date or being wooed by a wealthy entrepreneur/celebrity and while there is an attraction on both our parts, I am the prize. We are at his house which is large, cavernous, old and ramshackle. It is filled with recently acquired old things of interest. A cabinet of curiosities which he is showing and proudly explaining their provenance. I am intrigued but unimpressed as he shows me his stuff. It is of more sentimental worth to him, and I find that interesting and am politely attentive. We are in his bedroom which consists of a roll top desk, large closet, bed, and other furniture of dark wood. He has an appointment that he will return to me from. I am convinced to stay and he offers his prize possession for me to read in his absence, a copy of Time magazine with a cover story about the movie Toy Story, which he had some technical or VO part in. He looks like Colin Ferrell in Carlos Allizeraqui's body with a Jimmy Fallon's young boy vibe. Very cute, probably younger, and a catch. I settle in to read the article and proceed to fall asleep for a short nap. I am awakened by assorted comics that have been hanging out downstairs in this huge house. They are familiar to me and it is like seeing old friends. However my presence in this role is somewhat of a curiosity to them. They are suspicious and jealous of the owner's date with me. They disperse and a soft-spoken Will Durst comes in to witness my presence in this odd circumstance. We talk quietly for a time, while he gets up the nerve to confess and warn me that at some point (when I die) he will finally approach me and do this— he plants a tender kiss directly on my lips and leaves. I am surprised and aroused by his planned & practiced speech. During this encounter on the bed,  I have creased and folded this mint condition Toy Story magazine cover. I furtively try to smooth it out and press it under something heavy in a futile attempt to fix it. I decide I must leave as I am rested, have confusing feelings about Will's gesture, need to get back to my life. I go to the bedroom closet to retrieve my long coat and realize the lining is covered with clinging saffron, a perk of being in this wealthy household. I try to dust off and remove the exotic orange spice by beating it against the closet's doorway. After much effort at this task, I finally exit to the larger house and encounter other's that question my extended nap. At about this time, my date returns and we have a chance to say a romantic good bye among his other installations of historic acquisitions. One of which is a 3-D printer that he has used to create a charm or key fob of dream-forgotten shape for me. It is more trinket than keepsake but a lovely gesture. We kiss but it is hollow and without chemistry, and we both know it, despite wanting it to be otherwise. We part with abit of sadness at the inevitability of this realization. I am outside and walking home with pals as I retell of my adventures.  At home, Kathy Hughes comes in and is panicked because clothes/possessions that had been stored in her car are missing. I had seen the car in the driveway, untouched moments before, but she reports there is one item of clothing on the ground and the driver side door is ajar. I ask if maybe Anne is around and emptied the car… but no, so we go to investigate and try to solve the mystery/theft.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dream • 37 Pillows

A much more complex episodic scenario is dream forgotten upon waking. I am stacking bed pillows, possibly 37 in number and tidying up their pillowcases in a tall stack that I am distributing back onto a bunk bed or tall shelf.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dream - Website Work

I am away from my web duties for a week and in my absence Will has changed up the Front Page of his website to include obituaries/shout outs of RIP to recently departed celebrities. The design is minimally compromised and will be dismissed when fresh stuff happens this week. I have a meeting with him to reconnect after my absence and discuss in a small bistro. There are plenty of people around and I cover my design exasperation to convince him back into the original well-thought out design. He is somewhat oblivious to the ramifications of the changes that rock my little design fiefdom. Later I visit their house and speak to Debi, where it is apparent she is the one that made the changes… and discusses the HTML strategy in unravelling  my code. She knows her DIV tags and lobbies for the changes as viable alternatives. (Which they are, I am just stubborn) can't argue with Debi's laizzai-faire approach. Again there are many people around and visiting that I don't know from my longer absence from the comedy scene. There is a sense of shyness and not wanting to intrude in this group of people I 'know' (how to navigate, handle) and relief that I don't have to use my energies and powers to navigate and handle these folk. There are many familiar feelings I recognize within myself that are triggered reflexively to 'come to the rescue' in this social situation and make right. There is also a confusion in not knowing the back stories Debi helpfully offers to include me in their back stories. Other locations are dream forgotten, but they are busy, colorful and filled with people.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Dream • Lost on the Airport Shuttle

I am traveling to NYC with Barb & Cindy for a fun girls getaway. Despite it being a short, weekendy thing, we pack suitcases with regular stuff, including phone chargers, money($300) etc. the flight is uneventful, although Cindy is separated from a chatty Barb and I and seems consumed with her phone. Figure she is texting with family. She is across the aisle as our seats are not together. Barb and I are excitedly and animatedly going over our lists of things to do, plays, museums etc. When we disembark in the airport, there is much hubbub and we must climb many stairs to get to baggage claim. One set of stairs are blue & stainless steel, very industrial, with switchbacks. We also are in our checkpoint security socks, so we must claim our shoes as well as luggage. Piles of bags & shoes to go thru… Cindy is surprised, I did not text her across the aisle during the flight, as this is now her main way of communication. She hands me her iPod-like phone to hold during the baggage claim. I can't find my cordovan wing tips and suggest I will catch up with them both, once I locate them soon. I have an old brown leather valise, but in searching for my shoes, it somehow disappears. I wander in the airport, re-climbing those stairs, looking optimistically for items that I'm realizing may have been stolen. I still have my carry-on small purse with my phone. I get into a service elevator, that takes me to the surface, but it turns out to be a special transport for an odd, homeless crew (they cajole and have an urban wisdom) that takes us not only vertically but across town miles away from the airport and a waiting Barb & Cindy. Above ground, I realize I must exit this jitney bus before another stop and end up on a quiet, street across from a handsome guy, working late-night in in street level window of his intriguing and cleverly decorated brick walled office. He is dark, and looks like a scruffy Max Weinberg. I watch from outside trying to plan my next steps, when I am approached by a similar looking guy who is a bit off. He is very sweet, may have been on that transport bus, and is trying to be helpful. We talk and he hands me a zine of his own making that explains what he does. It is filled with equations, so I surmise he is scientist, he corrects me— a theoretical physicist. Impressive, but I suspect he may be delusional. I like and trust/warm to him, as he greets, hugs and converses amiably with the Max/architect guy who is leaving to go home in the pre-dawn. I am in an increasing panic & tizzy, because I'm still separated from friends and can't seem to get my bearings from surrounding landscape/skyscrapers. The physicist (Steve Trilling-like) sez he'll help me get to my friends and we are at once in his panel/bread delivery truck. He is very methodical and suggests I call, text, or email. As I reach into my purse for my lacking-a-charge phone, I start laughing, tell him he is going to love this, and pull out Cindy's phone that I have been carrying. It holds an unsent missive to her friend in NYC  that I try to amend with my need for help, but the interface is foreign and I can't even manage to send a new text that she won't see or receive anyway without her trusty device. It is early morning and my dread and remorse upon the realization that they are also stranded, like me and I have stymied the fun beginning of our vacation in NYC.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dream - Appliances & Cars

After much shopping, because I still have the feel of cold white enameled steel/plastic from running my hand over different models, I am now the proud owner of deluxe washer drier combo. White, gleaming, powerful and efficient, top of the line machines. It's possible I have won these magnificent appliances, because I sense extra pride in ownership. Marga is there to ooh and ah and congratulate my acquisition. Meanwhile I am having my car appraised next door in this all-purpose mall. There seems to be a checklist that a group of auto mechanics/appraisers are using and arguing over. Anthony Bourdain is at the helm and adding his colorful and spirited opinion. The car looks like a TRX or squarish Porsche, but I know inside it is my shoddily repaired Datsun. Anthony grills me on this and I realize it is not what it looks like, and the bad spackle job underneath comes to mind as if I see it like X-ray vision. I have been fooled into believing it was a red-orange sportier version and worth more $. Either to seal the proffering of cash or just have a stiff one, we order 5 depth charges at a nearby outdoor bar, they're lined up on the bar and we proceed to throw them back after toasting Jeepers (who is apparently trying to wake me in RL)

Feb 12 - I can only remember a rough hewn redwood staircase with black bolts that I use as an egress. I stay in bed forever trying to reassemble the juicy details, but cannot.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dream • Sex Wares

What begins as a larger gathering at a university to hear recent developments in science breakthroughs, white papers and other findings of import, devolves into vendors and carnies selling sex toys to the straggling attendees. As Teresa Roberts and I amble across a large field toward our cars, we witness a young girl being persuaded to hear a pitch from the last of these gypsies in a car. Her boyfriend ropes her back in from the seductive promises to this young drunk girl.
This mostly forgotten dream seems a re-telling of the Nasa Ames research that contributed to the Real Touch Cyber Vagina product advertised on a sexNews show I watched last night.
Why not the Olympic's couples figure skating?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Dream • JLo Barrista

Larger dream where the only remembered fragment has to do with me at another coffeehouse to use their wifi. I have been at other places before this working on some larger agenda, but this stopover has Jennifer Lopez as a kindly barista who gives me the password and slips me a note "you are safe here" with my morning paper and change. There is a also a key among the handful of coins I am juggling back into my pockets. Her manner somehow suggests she is taking pity on my concerning behavior and helping me out. I inwardly question what about my outward behavior/appearance illicits this kind of helpful gesture from her. I am more than willing to accept and capitalize on her graciousness.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Dream • Wedding Dress

At my house, sitting in my rocker, I am aware that at 10:30 I am getting married. I have not chosen a wedding gown yet and it is 10:29. I am obviously running out of time and other anxious folks are appalled I have not attended to this bit of business. Knowing I had a little leeway on my wedding day, I am not as concerned but understand that time  has caught up with me. Springing into action, I rifle my small closet and find a black dress, that is at once inappropriate for the occasion, but my first choice to try on. Vetoed by those around, I reach into the closet and pull out a fire engine red flouncy number. I put it half on to model to much disapproval. I seek refuge in the larger room, and try to talk myself into calm as the escalating panic is affecting arriving guests. Aunt Arlene is there and pretty chill, but I can see her concern for me and my ineptitude in this situation. For some reason, I pull another dress over the top of the red one . This is bright yellow, also inappropriate, but now I seem to have all the colors of the German flag represented. Back into the closet, with some relief I pull out an off-white full length chemise gown, that everyone agrees will save the day. Some friends and helpers are angry and exasperated, while I am somehow resigned to the impending nuptials. The groom is dream-forgotten, but not really connected to this bit of a larger dream.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Dream • PPT & Bazooka

Last part of this dream about many small chambers in a large house. I am working for a small woman run business, with 3 employees. I am a contractor doing PowerPoint and having to find workspace in their small set of offices. The work is par for the course, but I must walk-commute there daily to work 10 hour+ shifts to meet a delivery deadline. There seems to be some unrest along the route I take to this job as I encounter 3 guys with a huge bazooka gun in the crosswalk of Dolores and 15th. They are jovial and showing off the power of the gun by shooting over the heads of on coming pedestrians. The ammo is not intended for us, but rather a larger entity that may be returning fire. It is simple to duck and pass by them unharmed. Upon arriving for another day long work session, the sec'y has suggested to her boss that I could work from home. I am ecstatic about this idea as, the workspace I usually eek out is a curtained corner, that may double as a bathroom. My knees are also inflamed and burning (physical pain I feel for real upon waking) from my ½ hour walk to this job. I mention the hour wasted, that I could be working, to the boss as added incentive for adopting this idea.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Dream • Daniel & Divorce

Daniel Craig is on the phone and needs my opinion on a dream -forgotten dilemma. Kelly has decided to get a divorce. Her main concern was retaining her china/set of dishes. Otherwise she was us disturbed about this major life change. She had come to the conclusion after much thought. A gaggle of gals get into the car with us to drive around and do some dream-forgotten shopping. There is much frivolity and purpose driven destinations